Aquí encontraras las funcionalidades que Jaris ya ofrece así como las metas que se quieren lograr en el futuro :)


YES = Implemented
NO = Not Imeplemented

Version 1.0

  • YES Calculates video aspect ratio on player load.
  • YES Support Flash 9 Stage.displayState (Fullscreen mode).
  • YES Support for preview image of the video.
  • YES Display buffering message.
  • YES Internal volume control.
  • YES Back and forward control.
  • YES Display the actual playing time and total time.
  • YES Support for logo image on the fly.
  • YES Flag to autostart the video on player load.

Version 3.0

  • NO Plugins interface
  • YES Javascript API

Version 2.0

  • NO Introductory video (good for commercials).
  • YES Hide controls on fullscreen and show them on mouse movements.
  • YES Recalculate aspect ratio on fullscreen.
  • YES Redraw controls on fullscreen and normal switching.
  • NO Support for video title by passing variables.
  • NO Support for playlist.
  • YES Support for other media types like mp3.
  • YES Hardware scaling.
  • YES Use of video smoothing to improve quality.
  • YES RTMP Streaming support.
  • YES Youtube support.
  • YES HTTP Pseudostreaming support.
  • YES H.264 playback support
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