Generador de Código

Herramienta que genera el codigo html necesitado para hacer funcionar el reproductor.
Copy and paste the generated code.
Player Options
The width of the player. Default: 640
The height of the player. Default: 360
The url of the video or audio the player is going to load.
Kind of media to reproduce: video or audio
How the content is going to be delivered or kind of source.
Only needed if the stream type is rtmp.
Lenght of the media in seconds. Useful when autostart is false.
Url of the image used as poster.
Initial aspect ratio if the source type is a video.
Indicates if the player should inmediatly start playing.
Url of the logo.
One of the 4 corners of the player to display the logo.
Transparency or opacity of the logo, lower number means higher transparency
Width of the logo in pixels.
Website to open when the logo is clicked.
Enables or disable video hardware acceleration.
Enables or disable displaying of player controls.
Enables or disable the javascript api.
The dark color of the player. Default: 000000
The bright color of the player. Default: 4c4c4c
The controls color of the player. Default: FFFFFF
The controls hover color of the player. Default: 67A8C1
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