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Stay tuned for news and updates of Jaris Player. / Manténte informado de noticias y actualizaciones de Jaris Player.

Jaris Version 2.0.17

November 25, 2015   Views: 2345
Jaris Version 2.0.17 Fixes and improvements: * Disabled second parameter when calling play() on a rtmp source. * Disabled rtmpSourceParser() because it is causing issues. * Added rtmp notes to documentation.txt * fix new control do not autohide bug thanks to ...

Source code now hosted on GitHub

March 20, 2013   Views: 992
Source code now hosted on GitHub Hi to everyone that visits this site, it has been some time since I last posted any news here. I have been working in other things so there hasn't been any new activity . I'm writing to let everyone know that I have moved the source code from sourceforge to The ...

Jaris Version 2.0.15

August 27, 2011   Views: 1010
Jaris Version 2.0.15 This new version adds a new theme: * New player controls * New flashvar controltype (0=old, 1=new) to indicate the which controls to use * New flashvar controlsize for new controls only * New flashvar seekcolor for new controls only ...

JavaScript Class Interface

March 09, 2011   Views: 1112
JavaScript Class Interface Just finished a javascript class that serves as an interface to control the player using the jsapi. For download and documentation check the following section:

Jaris Version 2.0.13 Beta

March 06, 2011   Views: 647
Jaris Version 2.0.13 Beta This new version adds a new feature and fixes a bug, here are the changes: Implemented loop class Added loop functionality by passing loop=true or loop=1 as parameter Fixed reported bug "slider will show wrong position" on pseudostreaming seek (Thanks to Adam) Go to the download section to get it!

HTML5 Prolonged

February 23, 2011   Views: 4311
HTML5 Prolonged HTML5 official launch has been extended up to 2014 so there seems to be a lot of work and decisions to take (like which video codec to use) by the w3c. Flash lifespan has been extended a little more ;)

New Code Generator

February 23, 2011   Views: 877
New Code Generator Added a tool to help you learn and generate the html code with the different options available for the player more easily.

New website design

February 22, 2011   Views: 3765
New website design Thanks to my beautiful wife we are launching a new web design. Our goal is to improve the community support and make the process of delivering updates more easily. We hope you enjoy the new Jaris website.

Jaris Version 2.0.12 Beta

November 06, 2010   Views: 2533
Jaris Version 2.0.12 Beta Some major new features Changes: Java Script Api to listen for events and control the player. More player events added to use on JSApi. All this changes thanks to Sascha Kluger from And this other changes from previous version Removed togglePlay of onFullscreen event since it seems that new flash versions doesnt emits the space ...

Jaris Version 2.0.10 Beta

September 30, 2010   Views: 2513
Jaris Version 2.0.10 Beta Some minor improvements and fixes. Changes: Fixed bug on formatTime function calculating hours as minutes Improved poster to keep aspect ratio and display back when playback finishes Added flashvar aspectratio option to initially tell on wich aspect ratio to play the video
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