Jaris Version 2.0.17

Created by: admin
Date: November 25, 2015
Views: 2345

Fixes and improvements:

    * Disabled second parameter when calling play() on a rtmp source.
    * Disabled rtmpSourceParser() because it is causing issues.
    * Added rtmp notes to documentation.txt
    * fix new control do not autohide bug thanks to Michelangelo
    * fix new control vertical check thanks to Michelangelo
Other fixes and improvements that weren't published on the site for version 2.0.16
    * Fixes in order to compile with new haxe v3 thanks to jonassmedegaard
    * Fix the AsyncErrorEvent exception thrown by player thanks to lcb931023
    * Added loadVideo() JsAPI call, call from JS new video thanks to Spiritdude
    * Added build.hxml

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